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  tutorials Header Here are ten top tips for players who want to creators:

1) A to Z all levels need a start and at least one exit.

2) Solve Me levels need to be completable by their Creator.

3) Sharing once you've finished and saved your levels you can start testing them on the world.

4) Amazing if you've not go an idea for a level, mazes are a good place to start.

5) Dodger then maybe something with a bit of finger skill, so add some Pets.

6) Back to Front it easier to work the level logic backwards from the exit.

7) Limitations choice can make things harder, trying only using a few Game Elements.

8) Try download other Creators levels to see what you find fun and why.

9) Edit find a level you like then change it to see what happens.

10) Double Vision remember there are two Paint Pots for quick creation.

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