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Chuck's Challenge - Chuck Chuck is a games creator who Woop has 'summoned' to create games for him to play.
Woop is a being that can alter time and space and as a game he likes to play videogames. Chuck's Challenge - Woop
Chuck's Challenge - Snappy & Nibbles
A Snappy will turn into a Nibbles when it bites off more than it can chew. As this is quite a common occurrence, they have evolved to grow their teeth back.
Chuck's Challenge - Blinky Blinkys are all-seeing, so while moving about they try to avoid anything that may be harmful.

Chuck's Challenge - Limpa & Limpy
Limpa and Limpy enjoy spinning on one leg. Left to their own devices they'll quite happily walk around for hours in a circle, as they see this as dancing. However, they are still debating which leg is better to spin on.

Screamers are similar to goldfish: they can only remember a few seconds. So they continually scream thinking they are on fire, whereas they are in fact made of fire. Chuck's Challenge - Screamer
Chuck's Challenge - Bouncer Bouncers like a good bounce.
Each of an Omni's legs has its own brain, which means it never really knows which direction it is going in. Chuck's Challenge - Omni
Chuck's Challenge - Legs Legs like walking but only in one direction, so it's not a great fan of corners.
Chuck's Challenge - Blue & Yellow Golems
Golems are strictly speaking not one of Woop's pets, but a creation. Used initially by Woop to get food out of his fridge, Woop later upgraded them to perform other functions and to keep him company.
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